About Us

Olive Kids in Canada has created awesome bedding and coordinate designs for boys, girls and toddlers.  Our designs include comforters, sheets, pillowcases, bed the in bag and so much for your kids bedding needs. The colourful designs that have a variety of themes are sure to suit the needs of both boys and girls.  

Our goal is to create fun and unique kids bedding  and decor that are high quality, fun, brights and offer amazing customer service.  Some of our themes include Trains Plains Trucks, Sports, Princess, Fairies, Construction, Space and many more to come. 

Being a first-bed company, we know that kids ages 2-8 love anything with their name on it. That's why we pay special attention in creating the best personalized gifts and room decor for toddlers. We don't just slap a name on a product, we craft it knowing there's a happy kid who is going to call it their own!

We are stocking all the bedding and decor products in our Canadian warehouse to ensure quick and effiecient delivery so that your child will be sleeping in their bed and having beautiful dreams in no time.